Research and Planning – Institution (Women’s hour)

Women’s hour sets out to particularly attract middle class women. As it is mostly played throughout the day time it is suggested that its viewers are mostly out of work or perhaps choose to be house wives. Their audience is loyal and tune in every week to woman’s hour. The topics are usually more of the female interest and this is something which really helps radio 4 keep their audience due to currently changing the stories to keep them interested.

My radio drama is not particularly aimed at any class, ethnicity or age of people as its not a story of which is more suited for men or woman. The story contains action and danger, which some would say made it more suitable for males. But the story also includes romance and therefore may be suitable for more women. The mixture of themes and genres it contains makes it suitable to both men and women and could be perhaps be listened to by couples or families. The themes are a bit too serious and grown up for a very young audience, but is definitely something for teenagers to listen to.


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