Research and Planning – Webpages (The Archers)

the archers webpage

The logo shown when entering the Archers page on the radio four website gives off a very country side effect to its viewers. The green font represents the colours of grass and tree’s of which more are found in the country side than the city. The piece of corn displayed on the ‘A’ also gives us idea of crops and fields which sets up the idea that the radio drama is located on or around a farm. The beige colour as its background also gives us that dry corn and field feel as the colours are the same. The green colours could also represent the idea of green as a jealous colour. Jealously can result in love or tragedy, which are two things of a common interest to an audience as it can be entertaining. The beige colours is rather dull and therefore may not attract an audience, but the beige against the green is interesting as it gives off the idea that on the farm there is an interesting story.

Jenifer Story states that a good website must be made with a specific purpose in mind. The Archers appears to be a radio drama aimed at more middle class adults than at a younger audience. This is because of the cast who are predominantly adult. The location is something of which I feel would not appeal to a younger teenage audience due to lack of social events and amount of people. The city is a place more for partying and socialising which is extremely popular now with youngsters due to the promotion of music, partying, fashion and drinking shown on television and in magazines and which are also two things extremely popular within younger audience. For the same reasons teenagers would be less likely to listen to radio drama, whereas adults may still prefer things the ‘old fashioned’ ways.

The Archers appears to be a popular radio drama due to the amount of information held on the websites for the fans and audience, such as catch up links, all about the cast, timelines in order to catch up if you’re a new listener, maps of the location, a discussion page and a blog. It even has a facebook page for its fans on facebook.


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  1. snellingannabelle Says:

    The Archers has effected the decisions I made with my radio drama such as the advert and target audience. The middle class audience of the Archers may be not be too interested in my radio drama due to the significant difference between my radio drama and The Archers. For example, The Archers is set in a small town with lots of characters whereas my radio drama is set on an island, a boat and a mental hospital and there is only one main character (Jake). I decided to try and get a young audience listening to radio 4.

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