Research and Planning – Webpages (The Twilight Zone) 

The Twilight Zone radio dramas website contains a black ground with a hint of dark green. The two colours mixed together us gives the viewers straight away the themes of horror and mystery. The black colours give off the feel of death, danger and darkness, and the green colours gives of an edgy mysterious feel towards the radio drama. The background colours are accompanied by moving stars. This helps to set the idea of location of the story, outer space and the galaxy. This gives us the idea that it may include Aliens and spaceships due to the ideas of mystery and space.

The pictures of the cast are set in black and white. This helps to create the dull yet spooky look due to the lack of bright and exciting colours. It also suggests that perhaps the radio drama story is set before the 1960’s when colour cameras were not yet popular on the scene. It could simply give the information to the audience that the radio drama is very old.

The characters appear rather different from one another. There is a old middle class posh looking man and a young fashionable looking female. There is a mix of race and gender among the cast which may be suggesting that it is something suitable for everyone, as long as your interest and drawn in by horror and tragedy story lines.


One Response to “Research and Planning – Webpages (The Twilight Zone)”

  1. snellingannabelle Says:

    This radio drama influenced the way in which I chose to create mine as I liked how the radio drama seemed so believable yet if it were a film it would not be so believable do the difficulties and technology to create a sci fi film. I wanted to challenge myself and almost create a new world that would be believable on radio drama.

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