Research and Planning – Webpages (Womans hour)

womans hour webpage

‘Celebrating, informing and entertaining women’ – This tells us straight away that the radio drama is aimed at women. Celebrating suggests happiness, parties and joy which may attract a lot of woman as they may see the radio drama as fun and exciting. Informing will attract a female due to wanting to keep up with everything current based upon women and the world. If they are able to radio drama as their source to the news then it will be a more fun way of doing so. They won’t just be informed but also entertained. The balance of entertainment and real information may attract more women as its not just out entertaining as it can give women more than that. 

‘Weekdays 10-11am, Saturdays 4-5pm’ – I think Woman’s Hour is aimed mostly at house wives or unemployed woman as a way of keeping them entertained whilst out of work. Playing the radio drama form 10-11am is for the housewives as it a time of which they may wake and Woman’s Hour could be something which starts their day off. Playing the show on a Saturday may expand their audience to employed woman as they will not be working on these days and may also be interested in the radio drama.


One Response to “Research and Planning – Webpages (Womans hour)”

  1. snellingannabelle Says:

    Womans hour has effected how I have created my radio drama as I have had to think about radio 4’s current audience who listen to programmes such as womans hour; middle aged, middle class women. I had to think about ways of getting radio 4’s loyal listeners interested in their newest radio 4. I thought about making my main woman character Rosie middle class so that they would be more likely to listen to the radio drama as they can relate to the character.

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